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Volunteer Footpath Wardens

Footpath Wardens

We are lucky to have a team of residents who volunteer to keep an eye on our footpaths within the Parish. They walk and cycle the routes do minor cutting back and report on potential issues.

Published: March 20, 2023

LFPC Public Rights of Way

Wiltshire Council Rights of Way

Welcome, see below for Audit Sheets and Risk Assessment sheets

This year, one of our wardens has spent over sixty hours on Footpath 19 (which connects Laverstock via the Laverstock and Ford Sports Club to Cheverell Avenue and the London Road in Salisbury City Parish) cutting back undergrowth, removing debris and litter and getting to know the regular users of this footpath.

We are currently commencing a project to audit all the published footpaths of this parish if you’d like to be involved please email

Local Trails:

We have lots of lovely walks across trails and footpaths in the parish, many of which are featured in our parish newsletter. For a short distance the Monarchs Way marks the border between our parish and the Winterbournes. Avid walkers might consider joining the Ramblers Association for local walks with like-minded people.

Here are links to a few favourites:

The River Bourne Community Farm Trails

The Devenish Bradshaw Trust: from Country to Country Dog friendly trails

Kingdom of Sticks (Rebecca Twig) Salisbury Bee Trail

The Sarum Way (part of which encompasses Old Sarum and Longhedge)

Castle Hill Country Park

The Castle Hill Country Park regularly hosts Green Angel Conservation and Land Management courses (see below for November course schedule).



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