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Church Road development plans

Wiltshire Council have received a significant new batch of reports from the developer in support of their application to build 135 houses on Church Road below Cockey Down. This indicates that it is likely the applicants will be seeking a determination by Wiltshire Council soon.

Published: April 28, 2023

There is a short further consultation period ending on 16th May and the Parish Council will decide its response to these additional documents at its meeting on 15th May. This is part of our annual meeting at Riverbourne Community Farm to which all members of the community are invited. While we always look at all revised applications with an open mind, it is worth noting that the Parish Council strongly objected to the original application and since then the Laverstock and Ford Neighbourhood Plan has been formally ratified after a local referendum. The Neighbourhood Plan has become a significant factor in local planning decisions, and several policies would appear to conflict with this proposed development.

You can view the planning application and additional documents here

Wiltshire Council planning application reference 20/11598/OUT

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