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Ford Lane Bridge

Wiltshire Highways & Transport Department announce repair works scheduled for April 2024

Published: January 19, 2024

We have today received this notice from Highways and transport

As you are aware, the parapet was struck on the 8th of January. The bridge has been inspected and temporary warning signs and steel barrier erected around the damaged area.

To complete the necessary repairs, works will include removing debris from the watercourse, erecting a temporary scaffold, and casting new concrete sections. The parapet will be rebuilt like for like and upon completion the site will be cleared / tidied and road reopened. To all intents and purposes, the appearance of the bridge will remain unaltered. These activities will require a 15-day road closure to all traffic over the bridge.

Subject to gaining all necessary permissions, it is the Council’s intention to start these works on the 2nd of April to coincide with the school holidays and minimise disruption to the highway network.

Highways and Transport

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