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Operation HAM & JAM!

OPERATION HAM & JAM (In best sergeant major voice) Alright everybody settle down, YOUR PARISH NEEDS YOU! No need to keep mum about this but peel back your lugholes and listen up!

Published: 14 May 2024

Join us for our D-Day Commemoration with the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection June 06 – 08.
Old Sarum Airfield played an important role in the D-day Operation Overlord and BDAC are excited to reveal the stories behind the airfields’ role in this mammoth exercise that was instrumental in bringing an end to the war and the return of peace.
STOP PRESS! Tues June 04 – 10:00-10:30hrs
Look up to the skies as three WWII Austers fly past with escort, to give a tip of the wing to RAF Old Sarum where most of the Air Observation Post Squadrons were formed, consisting of 12 Austers who played a vital role in the planning and delivery of D-Day photographing artillery posts and directing the fire of guns.
Pilot Martin Baldock Auster 5 NJ633 (G- AKXP) – Stripes (ex 659 AOP Squadron)
Pilot Mike Laundy Auster 1 LB352 (G-AHCR) – ex 654 AOP Squadron
Pilot Tim Taylor Auster 5 TW519 (G-ANHX) ex 661 AOP Squadron and later Aircraft & Armament Experimental Establishment at RAF Boscombe Down.
Thurs June o6
10 – 1700  *D-Day Trail
at 1900 hrs
Drumhead service with special guests – Amesbury Town Band followed by a March Out and drumhead service led by Celebrant David Linaker, and the lighting of the Lamp of Peace.
Also with an eighty year old WW2 Jeep, Demaine Street Food, and a chance to sample Dark Revolution’s Overlord Ale. BRING SOMETHING TO SIT ON AS MUSIC CONTINUES til just past 9pm where we join with others across the nation for the official lighting of the Lamp of Peace.

****PLEASE PARK for this event at the RAY MAC STADIUM****

Fri June 07

10 – 1700  *D-Day Trail with talks /demos by Wessex Archaeology & Pack-a-Parachute! Wessex Archaeology reveal some of the treasures found on the site of the camps, and there is a special treat from Adam Nightingale a Coastal & Marine Archaeologist who will be bringing a VR simulation:  interact with the wreck site of a Fairey Barracuda, as though you were diving it!

Sat June 08

10.00 -17.00 hrs *D-Day trail with Demos by Wessex Archaeology & Pack-a-Parachute!

VIP SPEAKERS Marc Heighway, Chris Barrington Brown, Dan Miles

14.00  Needs Oar Point –  A Story Rarely Told

15.15 D-Day Logistics

16.30 Digging Band of Brothers



SEE HERE for free morse code activity sheet and D-Day at RAF Old Sarum downloads:

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