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On 19th July 11 – 12noon interested volunteers are invited to discuss plans for the pump track and bike park and how we intend to get the ball rolling. Attendees must be 16 or over. MEET at the gates to the pump track. email for details and if you have any questions

Published: 19 June 2024

Jake & Russell have lots of ideas coming to fruition this summer so check the notices around the country park for updates! Jake writes “With the huge amounts of rain we had this winter and spring followed by the high temperatures, the country park seems to of come to life over night! It’s my first time seeing the park in the summer so I am just as excited as you to get out there and see what’s popping up”.

Here are some of the things you might see around the park.

1. Wildflowers

The chalk grasslands are full of colourful wildflowers such as orchids, vetches, cowslips, yellow-rattle, scabious, and knapweed. You might also see rare species like the burnt-tip orchid and field-cow wheat.

2. Butterflies

Species you might encounter include the chalk-hill blue, Adonis blue, marbled white, and the small blue.

3. Birds

Skylarks, meadow pipits, and goldfinch are commonly seen, as well as birds of prey like kestrels and barn owls hunting over the grasslands.

4. Insects

Aside from butterflies, you can see various bees, beetles, and grasshoppers. Look out for the distinctive six-spot burnet moth!

During the summer holidays this year we plan on leading some bio-blitzing events where you can come and join myself and others for a walk around you’re park to see how many different species we come across and record. Whether that’s different grasses, insects, flowers, birds or trees! The more species we can record that live in our country park the better! 

Keep an eye out for posters and promotion for these events in the coming weeks as you will need to sign up.

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