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Patrick Schneider


Ford, Old Sarum & Longhedge


Patrick has been a Parish Councillor since May 2021. He is a member of the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Patrick is a lawyer qualified both in Germany and as a solicitor in England. He works for the Crown Prosecution Service as a Senior Crown Prosecutor. Prior to that, he lived and worked overseas for many years in countries such as Bosnia, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria and others. Patrick was an advisor to international organisations such as the United Nations in the field of peace and conflict, investigated acts of terrorism and war-crimes, and worked in international law, political affairs, justice and security. Having finally settled down some years ago, Patrick takes great pleasure in being involved in the affairs of our local community. He believes that no matter whether on an international level or a local one, in the end it is all about improving people’s lives. This is how he views both his professional duties as well as his engagement as a Parish Councillor.

Patrick is an avid reader and a metal-detectorist and can be found most days of the week exercising either in the gym or outdoors. He and his wife are Wiltshire Council accredited foster-carers and live with their dog Georgie in Old Sarum.

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